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Teddy Rocks Festival 2017



-fighting children’s cancer with Rock

Below you will see the Chasing Cadence boys, playing a set in support of Teddy Rocks the charity festival based in Dorset. Guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Rob Barlow is seen here in bestseller DISRUPTION J 3!

Here’s a little info about the Teddy Rock’s festival!

” Teddy Rocks Festival started with a small gig in 2011 to raise money for Teddy20, a children’s cancer charity founded by Tom Newton and his family after he lost his 10 year old brother Ted to a very rare bone cancer.

The gig was put on by Tom’s friends and family in the restaurant of The Greyhound pub in Blandford and raised £400. This was used to fund the very first Teddy Rocks event at The Corn Exchange in 2012, which raised £2,500.

By 2013, Teddy Rocks had grown and needed more space, so they moved back to The Greyhound pub, raising £6,500 and £15,000 in 2014. In 2015, Teddy Rocks almost doubled this, raising an amazing £24,000.

Last year the festival moved to a new site with a bigger capacity and the total raised was a staggering £42,800!

This year the festival moves again to a site large enough to facilitate car parking and camping alongside 4 stages in the hope of raising even more to help fight children’s cancer

All proceeds from Teddy Rocks Festival go to Teddy20










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So Mina, from Mina on the Moon is a talented blogger, writer, student, woman of many talents basically, with an eye for style that’s getting her some well deserved attention online. She’s writing for the Kings’ Tab and after seeing her work, we set off into Shoreditch and for the rest, check out her article on the TAB.






So here’s what happened.

We got 5 days at Bestival, we would spend days 2-5 working like crazy and partying like mad inbetween, so Day 1? The only day for photos, best when everyone has showered too.

I brought all the clothes with me and located all my favourite Model Men. We pitched up our tents, cracked open some drinks, chucked on the sunnies and went out into the festival to enjoy the sunshine.

12 Hours later.

Apparently it’s harder than you’d expect to:

A) Keep all Model Men in one place?

B) Get them to pose and take pictures that i can use anywhere!! or

C) Stay focused at all myself to even try and be professional about any of it.

So these gems, really are, the GEMS, of an entire 12 hour play and run around Day 1 at Bestival.


This year we try another plan of action.

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Robin Crawford

This is a gorgeous maker i met at the New Designers Exhibition 2015

Quote from the artist

My name is Robin Crawford, I was born in August 1983. I am a glass artist/designer/maker working at a studio in Edinburgh. I’m a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art. During my time studying in Edinburgh I learned a broad range of skills including screen printing on glass using enamels, engraving with a diamond wheel, kiln forming glass using different casting techniques including pate de verre and I also had the opportunity to blow glass. My area of focus in my final year of art college was glass casting using the pate de verre technique. In my final year I completed two projects, the first is ‘Momentary Sequence’, looking at mathematics as a visual language and the second is ‘Blood Vessels’, making a statement about sexual objectification.