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Robin Crawford

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Robin Crawford

This is a gorgeous maker i met at the New Designers Exhibition 2015

Quote from the artist

My name is Robin Crawford, I was born in August 1983. I am a glass artist/designer/maker working at a studio in Edinburgh. I’m a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art. During my time studying in Edinburgh I learned a broad range of skills including screen printing on glass using enamels, engraving with a diamond wheel, kiln forming glass using different casting techniques including pate de verre and I also had the opportunity to blow glass. My area of focus in my final year of art college was glass casting using the pate de verre technique. In my final year I completed two projects, the first is ‘Momentary Sequence’, looking at mathematics as a visual language and the second is ‘Blood Vessels’, making a statement about sexual objectification.


  • Kaedn / 3 January 2017 7:01

    Deadly accurate answer. You’ve hit the bulyesle!

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