Ava Saroj | BEACON
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The intention for my final Design collection, was to create pieces that remind the consumer/viewer to take a breath. In the high stress environments we find ourselves in i wanted to provide a beacon of calm, which reaches out to each person on an individual level. I focused on the idea of fading barriers, of removing edges and anything that allows someone to be constricted. For me this is mist and movement and water. Leading from my own personal calming visuals, i created pieces that personified my calm and when observed are intended to take people away from their own stressful environments. They are supposed to prompt the taking of a breath and a moment of reflection. By adding more value to the act of Slowing down, we can take more pleasure in the stress free time we create for ourselves. My sculptures are intended to remind us to make at time.

In an attempt to be less technologically dependant myself, this project has been completely hands on, material based, designed and measured without the aid of technology. I documented myself working so that I could put together booklets to go with each piece, allowing the viewer small insights into how the piece came to be, hopefully helping the consumer to feel more involved in the piece on an emotional level.

Sculpture, Surface Design